Extra Long Brown Basmati Rice 160 oz


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1.Our Premium Brown Basmati Rice is grown in the Fertile Valleys of Himalayan foothills in India. It is 100% Authentic which gives it an Invigorating Aroma & Sweet Flavor
2.Our Rice is Consistent in quality, size, and flavor. It has a very low breakage, low wastage, and low stickiness. Perfect for use in Kitchens or Restaurants. Our Rice is rated highly amongst Top Chefs.
3.The rice grains are slender, super long in length, and fluffy that makes them sit well with most curries and dishes such as Biryani or Pilaf. The rice can be cooked easily on a stove top, microwave or a rice cooker.
4.We take immense care, ensure top quality and source directly from Farm to Table. We use the best packaging for our rice to keep the grains fresh and preserve the quality of our rice.
5.Our 10lb (4.54kg) rice bags are a great value for money – it is Gluten Free, Vegan, Rich in Nutrients, Low Carbs, Non Bio-engineered,


Pride Of India Basmati is an extra long grain aromatic rice grown for many centuries in the Himalayan foothills of the Indian sub-continent. Basmati Rice is highly valued for its fluffy grains, sweet fragrance as well as invigorating flavor. Since our Basmati Rice undergoes a unique aging process for up to two years, it exhibits a exceptional appearance and memorable experience when consumed on any table.

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Extra Long Brown Basmati Rice ozExtra Long Brown Basmati Rice 160 oz

Availability: In stock

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