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KYOLIC: Kyo-Green Energy, 180 Tablets


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  • Kyo-Green® tablets are a quick and easy way to make sure you and your family get your daily greens. These tasty tablets can be chewed or swallowed. Kyo-Green is a unique combination of ingredients from the land and sea. The Barley and Wheat grasses are harvested at their nutritional peak in the fertile highlands of Japan. The Chlorella is grown in natural mineral springs and the Kelp is gathered from the Pacific Ocean.
  • Kyo-Green® gives you a gentle, long-lasting boost. Taken daily, it promotes healthy intestinal conditions and regularity by supporting beneficial bacteria.
  • Go for the green, take Kyo-Green tablets today!



Contains Barley and Wheat Grasses, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), Cooked Brown Rice, Chlorella and Kelp in a convenient tablet.


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KYOLIC: Kyo-Green Energy, 180 Tablets